Advertising in the Digital Era


For over half a century the great wave of commercials has been washing over us. Not to be mistaken, commercials were there before us and marketing is not the 20th century invention, it has been here since the dawn of humanity. It is only now that commercials and advertisement is everywhere, in both virtual and real world. It is hard to walk a mile in any direction in any populated area and not come across an ad. And the same goes for the virtual space. Be it on your TV, your phone or your computer, try turning on an app or watching a youtube video without being interrupted by a commercial! For some of us, the time spent watching commercial is a measurable, and not ignorable segment of our daily routine, and the sheer amount of visual space crammed with commercial content might be staggering some 100 years ago.

traditional-advertisingIn the 21st century everything evolved and naturally, commercials did, too. One of the biggest changes in the ad world is the breakthrough of the Internet. A network of connected computers interacting on the network was first seen as a great hub for people to connect and share knowledge and information. But then, commercial geniuses figured out that that kind of traffic can’t go to waste and since then Internet became one giant hive of commercial content. What started as utilization of free space became a multimillion dollar business soon found a life of it’s own and now controls a part of the advertizing industry, shaping and controlling it’s flow. Internet advertizing is even starting to outshine the old heavy weight champion of ad dispersion – the TV.

With so many people using smartphones and computers today, it’s no wander the TV commercial system is in danger of losing the prime spot. Still, the TV commercials success is the result of a decades long habit of watching TV and building our lives around it that, to some, this rapid transition is questionable. According to experts, TV was there for a long time and that time is a game changer when it comes to bending people’s will and minds into better reacting to commercials. Generations grew up near the TV screen and the messages that came out were held sacred, be they the Moon landing images or the Coca-Cola commercial.

But, in the last few years more viewing habits changed and the market is evolving in a rapid fashion never witnessed before. New studies show that in the last five years there was a big change in the audience reception habits and that they are paving the way for something we’ve been all waiting for quite some time now. If these studies are to be trusted, the internet and digital content is surpassing the reach of the old guy TV and the future of commercial advertising belongs to the digital medias and devices such as tablets and laptops while the platforms such is youtube will become more and more popular.

Advertising a local business

Local-advertising-tips-resources-examples-options-mapsSomething that is effecting my life in a way that I never expected these days is elder care, or the health and wellbeing of my parents, who are in their 80’s. Their physical and mental health is in rapid decline, and as I live and work 60 miles away, it is impossible for me to be available to them on a daily basis, which makes me feel really bad.

I am not in a position to move any closer, so I have been looking for other alternatives, and the answer seems to be community home care. This is where trained professional carers visit my parents home multiple times each day to see that they are safe, comfortable and have everything that they need, and it is working well.

I have been so impressed that I agreed to help them with their marketing activities for free to show my appreciation. This situation is getting more and more common, so I thought that I would include this information from the business here in the hope that it will help any others in a similar situation, and also to help promote their business, Leymar Healthcare.

It’s a well-accepted truth that community is a great source of stability. It’s a concept that remains so significant in the history of civilization. As a result, the need for a sense of community has resulted in the emergence of community home care services as the perfect solution to it.

Today, community home care services continue to gain popularity due to their many benefits. It offers what a person in need of such services can never get elsewhere. This includes promoting dignity, maintaining independence, boosting confidence, maintaining self-esteem and so much more.  And a vulnerable person looking to remain part of the community and to be independent within their own homes for as long as they possibly can, can find so much help from our community care services to help them achieve that.

 Why Community Home Care Is The Best Care Option

What really distinguished community home care services as the best care option can be traced to so many factors. To begin with, what really brings people to community home care is its ability to allow the patient to remain in one location.

It becomes even better and attractive since the patient has a home, a community, as well as the care they deserve most. Better still, a community home care can offer a lifetime of quality and needed care that is of a higher standard compared to the alternative care facilities available today.

It offers that assurance to the patient that they can as well prolong their independent life if they wish to. In fact, recent studies reveal that those who seek community home care services live longer than those who lead normal lives.

 What services are offered?

Our community home care has always been committed to offering quality services across all types of patients. We have been able to achieve this in so many ways including:

  • Performing thorough background checks on all our staffs
  • Having multiple caregivers to fill any type of work that may be neededwoman and nurse
  • Effective training of all our staff
  • Routine quality evaluation of all our services and staff


We offer a wide range of community home care services to help you feel at peace, comfortable and independent not only in your home but in the entire community at large.

 Social companion services

If there’s a factor that can help a vulnerable person integrate well into the community then it’s a social companion. For the elderly who wish to age gracefully, our wider social companion services will help you to achieve your dream. You will have access to a personal form of companionship and also socialization.  Our caregivers come from an extended age range.

We understand that some seniors feel more comfortable and relaxed and energized when they are in the company of someone who is much younger, At the same time, we also understand that some prefer the company of a person close to their age.  When people share similar interests, companionship is always solid and that’s why we have a care companion for everyone.

Our staff have been a stable source of social interaction for most vulnerable members of our society and have really helped them to experience an active lifestyle within the community.

In truth, many who are vulnerable, particularly the elderly always wish to continue an active lifestyle especially when there’s a person to encourage and walk with them through that journey.  If you or perhaps someone you know can benefit from community home care services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our prime aim is to see everyone happy no matter who or where they are in life.

My hope is that by helping this home health care business, who are helping my parents, I will feel a little better about not being able to help them myself on a daily basis. I’m not sure that this will be the case, but it is all I can do at the moment. I will keep you all posted.





























































Don’t Forget Facebook!

There is a massive buzz around Facebook advertising right now. Facebook offers advertisers the ability to laser target their prospective customers by age, location, interests etc, which is a massive advantage when paying for advertising.

The infographic below gives you some very useful information to get you started.

One of the best facebook training websites I have seen is at

Just about all the info you need to get started is there. Let me know your thoughts.


Promote Your Local Business With Video

video-marketing-850x504An area that seems to be growing extrememly fast is video advertising for local business. A video can be used on a website, in an email, on youtube, and now even on Facebook. So video marketing is big, and small businesses are starting to catch on.

I had a conversation with a local painter and decorator the other day. He has a nice looking website, which you can see if you click here.

He asked me if I could help him to create a quick video that he could then promote by sending to potential clients. The script below is a basic outline of his blog content and also the video content.

Now that you have decided to paint your wall, the most other important thing is to look for ways that you can do the painting easily. Wall painting might not be as hard as you might have thought. The notion that many people have is that it is as hard as paining your furniture. However, painting a wall is not hard because your wall is even and might not require complicated techniques to complete the job in an effective matter. To help you get the best results, here are some easy wall painting tips.

Choose the paint wisely

The first thing you must do is to choose the paint you want to use is to select the paint to use in a wise manner. There are different types of paint that you will find in the market, but you need to choose one that will match with the wall you want to paint. The color of the paint to use will be highly determined by your own personal preference. However, it is good to ask for expert advice to select that color that will make your wall look elegant and make your house to stand out among many others.

Select the right painting tools

The kind of tools you use to do the painting of your wall will highly determine the final results. You should make sure that you have high quality tools that will provide you the best results. In the modern times, there are high tech painting tools you can use to make the painting process even easier. If you do not know the right tools to use, make sure that you ask other people who have skills in painting on the best tools to use in the process.

Use bucket instead of a tray

It is better to use a bucket when painting instead of a tray because you put a lot of paint in the bucket than in a tray. It is also less messy because you will not waste a lot of paint as you keep on putting in the small tray. In case you are painting a large wall, a bucket will also be more efficient in the process.

Make use of good brushes

It might feel as if it is expensive to buy a good paint brush. However, it is worth spending the money in the process instead of buying low quality ones that will provide substandard results. Look for rubber gripped edging brushes that are comfortable to use and offer great results. The best thing is to ensure that you clean and wrap the bristles to ensure that they are in good shape at all times.

Paint from top to bottom

You should paint your wall from top to bottom. This is the most efficient way because when you finish at the top sides, you will not face the inconveniences of the paint splashing or spread to the already painted areas.

By giving value to his viewer, it shows him to be an expert in his field, and hopefully instead of doing the work themselves, the viewer will call him to take care of the problem for him. That at least is the plan.

We are working on the video next week, so I will post it here and you can send your comments and we can review the project. In the meantime, below is a video about the benefits of maketing with this medium.

Online vs TV Advertising

It seems clear from all of the projections that I have seen that online advertising will overtake TV advertising very soon, if it hasn’t already. It depends on which poll you are reading, but the future is pretty clear.

That being said, TV advertising is still massive, and while ever the average person spends 4 hours per day in front of a TV, then advertising will continue to be an important part of any ad campaign.

The infographic below has some interesting data to see…..

tv ads